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As an end consumer, what top factors do you consider before purchasing an access control system? Perhaps you are in the throng of folks who are on the lookout for secure, integrated, and convenient systems that are high quality, updated, and managed for you. Thankfully, these customers understand that they’ll need to fork out a few more bucks for top-of-the-line access control systems. Below are the three most important considerations for customers before they pay top dollar for any access control system:

Security-Related Features

In the recent past, unnerving events entailing security breaches have set off a demand for more secure and foolproof access control systems. A more secure and foolproof access control system ideally comes with top-notch and cutting-edge security-related features which seamlessly integrate with other security components.

Fortunately, customers are beginning to understand the security of the cards they use each day, and when called upon to upgrade, they do it willingly knowing that they aren’t upgrading just for the sake of it, but getting new value. However, there is a segment of society that still needs education and enlightenment on the importance of updated, cutting-edge technology cards.

Another point worth noting is the revolution of access control systems from large infrastructures to smaller edge-device-based systems,’ powered by Power over Ethernet and wireless technologies. For example, a customer can have a Power over Ethernet (PoE) controller powering 12-volt locks, thus, permitting them (locks) to become edge devices with shorter cables. More, the security industry has lately been witnessing the proliferation of wireless lock integrations thanks to the enhanced reliability of wireless locks and the shift from offline to online locks.

Some consumers are requesting for the integration of access control systems with things such as Active Directory and video so as to enhance security as well as improve functionality.

Whole-building Features

Access control systems are nowadays transforming from being merely security-focused to perform other important functions such as energy conservation. An employee’s access to a building can be linked to the lighting and HVAC controls in their office and thus help to save energy. And thanks to the emergence of Active Directory, the controls can run automatically. Integration helps to manage energy more efficiently and effect some revolutionary green initiatives. This is all the more effective when done through Power over Ethernet. PoE, as a matter of design, relies on products and systems that consume low energy; therefore, the more products you tie to Power over Ethernet, the more ‘green’ your access control system will be.

Convenience Factors

It doesn’t matter how secure, integrated, or hi-tech an access control system is, if it isn’t convenient and easy to use, then it is a long way from being widely purchased.

But thanks to the stupendous technological growth in recent times, convenience and ease-of-use is a common denominator in virtually all access control systems. With cloud, mobile computing, as well as the ability to remotely control access control systems through smartphones, ease-of-use, and convenience has significantly improved. More, the involvement of mobile computing, smartphones, and cloud in access control systems provides the ‘cool’ factor that makes life easier for consumers of access control systems.

This signals a new era where people aren’t resisting change, but are quickly hopping onto the technology juggernaut to improve their lives and protect themselves adequately.


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