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3,000 Users, 100,000 Records



W2 is the new generation fingerprint access control & time attendance terminal features based on Linux platform, with 2.8-inch color LCD, full capacitive touch keypads and touch optical fingerprint sensor. The TCP/IP communication and traditional RS485, Wiegand in/out to provide higher flexibility and multiple communication options for different environments. Also with relay output, door contact and multiple I/O ports can be expanded with powerful access control systems.Full Upgrade for W Series with Battery Power Your Business Anytime and Anywhere.

Support dynamic domain name server which offers a persistent domain name for non-static IP devices.

Basic Setting, Personnel Inquiry and Management, Records Inquiry.

Touch Keypad & Touch Active Sensor
When you reach out your hand to touch the keypad, W2 will be activated automatically and ready for your entering.When you place your finger on fingerprint sensor, sensor will be activated automatically and will awaken the device from sleep.

Cloud Management Systerm
Support No need to install, maintain, or upgrade software. No expensive computers to purchase or maintain. Access data in real-time from any PC and Mobile with Internet.

Data Automatic Push
Support TCP/IP network communication, the access control data and events will push to the access control management software by real time. • Time Zone and Group With 32 customize access control time zone and 16 permission groups make access control more easy.

Time Zone and Group 
With 32 customize access control time zone and 16 permission groups make access control more easy.

Optional 2600mah Lithium battery.
Full Upgrade for W Series with Battery Power Your Business Anytime and Anywhere.


Anviz W2 Built With Industrial Powerful CPU.High Speed, Widely environmental adaptability.Stable, Reliable, Long service life.


Smart Optical Sensor
Waterproof, Dustproof and scratchproof smart fingerprint sensor. Just touch on to active device.

Touch keypad & UI
Full capacitive touch will offer convenient operation experience and intuitive GUI that is easy to understand and self-explanatory. Almost all of menu options can be accessed in just three steps.

Perfect for running Linux
More network carrying capacity
Massive Memory Capacity



Distributed access control system

Free Cloud System Experience
Seamless integration with Crosschex Cloud System

W2 can be used at
Hospital |Traffic | Education | Bank | Business | Office


Anviz W2 Description


Capacity User Max 3,000 Users
Template Max 3,000 Templates
Log Max 100,000 Logs
Inferface Comm. TCP/IP, Mini USB, USB Host, RS485
Relay 1 Relay Output
I/O Wiegand input/output, Door Switch, Door Sensor, Tamper Alarm
Feature Identification Mode Finger, Password, Card(Optional)
Verification Speed <0.5 Sec
Fingerprint Image Display Yes
Self-defined Status Yes
Webserver Internal Webserver
RFID Optional EM/Mifare Card
Software Crosschex Cloud & APP
Hardware CPU Industrial High Speed CPU
Sensor AFOS Optical Sensor (Touch Active Sensor)
Memory 512MB
LCD 2.8” Color Screen
Dimensions(WxHxD) 83.9×204.9x31mm (3.3×8.06×1.22″)
Temperature -25°C to 60°C
Power DC 12V

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