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Suprema is a global leader in biometrics and securities technology. By combining world renowned biometric algorithms with superior engineering, Suprema is able to continually develop and manufacture reliable industry leading products. Suprema’s extensive portfolio of products include biometric access control systems, time & attendance devices, fingerprint/live scanners and embedded fingerprint modules.

Suprema supports world wide sales network that spans across more than 133 countries around the world and was the first biometrics company listed on Korea’s stock market (KOSDAQ 094840)

Suprema Business Highlights

Suprema is continuously expanding its presence within the biometric & ID solutions industries.
Suprema is the only biometric specialist company listed among
the world’s top 50 security company.

World Best Fingerprint Technology
Multi-Award winning fingerprint technology
Proprietary algorithm, sensor, devices, and software solutions
Top class R&D investment with numerous patents
Numerous References, Key Strategic Partners
Sold to more than, 1.000 customers located across 133 countries worldwide
Extensive government, military, police, and corporate references
Global partner program for training, technical supports and upgrades
Structured sales policy though authorized distribution channel
High Quality State-of-the-art Products
Powerful, efficient and reliable technology proven in the field
Continually evolving and developing systems and applications
High quality manufacturing through quality control
Manufactured from top quality components and materials
Excellent Financial Stability
Fastest growing company specializing in biometric solutions
Independent company listed on KOSDAQ(Korean Stock Market)
Market Capital of over $350 million(2014)

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Suprema Device Price 

Currently Suprema deals with 1,000 different customers across 133 countries worldwide

Top 50 Security Company by ASMAG in 2011, 2012, 2013, & 2014
Detektor awards for best product and best innovation in 2009, 2010, 2012
Top performing algorithm for MINEX test conducted by NIST
Top ranked in Fingerprint Verification Competition in 2004, 2006, and 2010
FBI certification for enrollment and authentication live scanners

Founded in May 4th, 2000
backgruond image
Revenue growth rate of 38%(CAGR) from 2006 to 2014
Sold over 1,000,000 fingerprint products worldwide
Market Capital of USD 350 million dollars (KOSDAQ, 2014)

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