ZK Teco Time Attendance Software Tutorial | Program Management

ZK Teco Time Attendance Software Tutorial | Program Management

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Exchange Data between Device and Program

Device Management

Before downloading or uploading data from the Device with software,ensure that the communication between Device and PC has established. So connect the device to the system firstly, input the related parameter, after create connection successful, uploading or downloading data is available.

Device Maintenance

Click “Device” in the main interface or right click “Device” in My Device List, and then click “Device” sub menu
on the drop down list, enter the Select device to maintenance window:

Click “Edit all device” to enter the Device manage window, in here you are able to complete to add, cancel, and modify Device.

There are two default communication modes provided in the system, one is RS232/RS485, another is Ethernet. Some specify machine is designed with USB communication mode (such as H2), for more detail, please refer to corresponding “User Manual”, the using method please view the explanation below:

Add: User may newly add device, input the corresponding connection parameter of Device, save it, the device name will display on the left side list.
Name: named the device, which machine has been connected with system.
Communication Type: which way is used in communication between the device and computer.
Baud rate: the baud rate is same with it in the machine, Here.

IP Address: device IP address
Communication Key: if there is the communication password to be set in the machine option, you must fill the same one password , otherwise, not need to fill in
Device number: Device identity number.
Port: The port is used by computer. The RS232/RS485 mode is “com” port; the default port number of Ethernet is 4370.

Delete: If the Device will not be in use any more, single click the device of your choice in the left side list, click on “Cancel” to delete this Device from the system.

Save: If after selecting and modifying connection parameter of the Device of your choice, click “Save” to save the information.

Connection Device

The Device which reside in the system will display in the ” My Device list”, single click the Device to choose it, then click “Connect ” button, or right click the Device that want to be connected, select the Connect from the drop down menu appeared.


When the system connect with Device, the prompt “Connecting with device, please wait” will appear on below right side status column, weather the link success or not will inform you.
If fail to connect, please check:
(1) Whether the Device connecting parameters equipped with communication parameters of the menu option;

(2) Whether the communication line linking well.


When the system and Device continue to upload and download data, the Device is in a “work” status, so it is unable do other operating at this time. After uploading and downloading data, disconnect Device, and click “Disconnect” to disconnect the Device communication.
Note: On the device, click with the right mouse button, move the cursor to appear in the menu display mode in the menu, popup menu display options, can choose Large Icon, Small Icon, List or Report. The default display mode is Report.


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