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ZKTeco Biometric Identification Technology

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Fingerprint Algorithm

ZKTeco started R/D of fingerprint algorithm from 1985. And the latest ZK fingerprint algorithm is ZKFinger 10.0 what makes it different from other versions is its high accuracy, high verification speed. It can realize millions fingerprints verification on PC and verify on multi-servers in less than 1 second. The embedded fingerprint identification can reach up to 50000(1: N). It can be used in large size fingerprint verification projects. AFIS adopted ZKFinger 10.0 algorithm. It can adapt to dry, wet fingers and deny fake finger to a certain extent. Nowadays, the size of sensor is smaller and smaller while the performance is continuously optimized.


Face Algorithm

ZKTeco started R/D of face identification from 2005 and launched ZKFace 5.0 which adopted infrared active illuminant technology in 2010. After one year, ZKTeco streamlined the face algorithm and published ZKFace 7.0 as well as new generation facial identification T&A terminal VF300 series which employed ZKFace7.0. The verification and collection speed of ZKFace7.0 are very fast. ZK is working on new breakthrough of face algorithm which can hold 3000 face templates (1: N) without any influence on speed and stability. Moreover, it can also be applied to video surveillance system.


Next Generation Face Algorithm

The next generation face algorithm will have stronger adaptability. It can verify face in various lighting environments. The verification accuracy can avoid interference from users’ posture or wearing glasses. It will be well known in face identification field for its high compatibility.


Iris Recognition

Iris recognition is an automated method of biometric identification that uses mathematical pattern-recognition techniques on images of the iris of an individual’s eyes, whose complex random patterns are unique and can be seen from some distance. ZK is researching on iris identification technology to provide various security solutions to customers. Nowadays, the capacity of the templates is over 1,000.


Vein Recognition

Vein recognition is a recent technological advance in the field of biometrics. The security level is very high because vein is very hard to copy or steal. Vein recognition is widely used in hospitals, law enforcement, military facilities and other applications. ZK is researching on vein algorithm and has already achieved remarkable progress. (Source)

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